Best Audio Conferencing Solution 2018

Having many audio conferencing solutions that are used worldwide, it’s hard to narrow the list down to just one as the criteria is based on the one that stood out the most, caught everyone’s attention and made a difference in its industry.

Having long running names within the industry of audio systems, and focus in the direction of audio for conference sound systems.

Everyone has their personal opinion on what the best system to use would be, but the main factor is the experience they go through as a customer with the given brand and the outcome it results in the end is the main point.

Now to name the brand that represents all the criteria named above and showed constant adaption and improvements each year is none other than Shure.

Having multiple audio conferencing systems from their DDS 5900 systems to the DCS 6000, but let’s not forget about Shure’s ceiling array microphones MXA910 and MXA310.

Both different types of systems from their outlook appearance but overall have some similarities, of being used during conference meetings and general discussions that provide pure quality in terms of audio and outer appearance.

Even though both system are just as good as each other the one that is considered the best of 2018 for conferencing would be the Microflex MXA910 ceiling array system.

Going into a simple description on what the strengths and weaknesses are to help you have a better understanding on what makes it the best of 2018 and the small improvements that should be made.


A major winning factor of the ceiling array microphone that has benefited the audio conferencing is how it could be used in all sized conferencing rooms by installing multiple tiles or just a few depending on the scenario.

It benefits in the factor that they make the speaker more comfortable and relaxed by being able to sit in any given position, a common meeting would consist of proper posture and behavior by sitting upright and speak directly into the microphone in-front of you, but now with the ceiling array you can leaning back, talking to the display and still have your voice being picked up and heard clearly around the room, you no longer have to worry about your voice not being heard.

Apart from general conference meetings and discussion face to face, the ceiling array microphone could be used for presenter purposes for trainings and presentations as it captures the voice even if you were to move around the room.


The main disadvantage of the ceiling array is the configuration of the microphone, as setting up the lobes (directed at a specific area) to capture the voice may take some time to set up given the specific environment it’s placed.

Another fall back would be the microphone picking up other sounds around that may overlap with the speaker’s voice.

Overall the Microflex MXA910 ceiling array has more good qualities that outweighs the small problems that may occur at some given scenarios.

To see more about the MXA910 to help you have a better understanding you can go directly to Shure’s website, watch videos or contact Shure’s local distributor in your area.

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